Cotton yarn spinning

The raw cotton is received by the yarn spinners, who thoroughly cleans the
raw cotton before it’s carded or combed to separate the tangled fibers. 

The prosess
The raw cotton fibers are received by the spinners, and proceeds to go through a series of processes before it’s ultimately turned into industrial size cotton yarns, ready to be used for fabric weaving. The fabric mills either do the yarn spinning themselves through vertically integrated companies, or purchase the yarns from external spinners.

Gathering information
Whichever the case, we strive to work with fabric mills that work closely with the yarn spinners, as it brings us closer to the raw cotton origin and makes the flow of information more accessible and reliable. 

When there are too many links involved in the supply chain, the process to obtain information regarding the origin of the cotton becomes challenging, slow and less reliable.

This is where we receive cotton yarns
The cotton yarns that are used for the weaving of our fabrics are to date sourced from Japan, the US, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey and Portugal. The raw cotton has now been properly processed and prepared for it’s big transformation: Fabric weaving.